Welcome to The Hyperacusis Network

The Hyperacusis Network primarily consists of individuals who are sensitive to sound - clinically known as decreased sound tolerance (DST).  This can include, but is not limited to individuals who suffer from hyperacusis, recruitment, hyperacute hearing, tinnitus, misophonia, phonophobia, autism, and Meneires.  All are welcome. 

Mission statement:

As a network we have a common goal - to share information on how we can dramatically improve our collapsed tolerance to sound and support one other until a cure is discovered for hyperacusis.  We persistently act as an advocate so hyperacusis can be understood by the medical community and disability compensation boards throughout the world.  Until that goal is accomplished it is difficult to obtain medical reimbursement for known treatments that improve our condition.

We know at this time no cure has been found for hyperacusis yet there are many clues beginning to surface and there is much to be hopeful about. As a network, we work at ways to improve our condition and educate the medical community about hyperacusis, recruitment and hyperacute hearing. There are no membership fees to belong to this network although donations are greatly appreciated to help defray costs of paper, printing, postage, long distance phone calls, website hosting and message board fees.   We are able to refer patients to hearing professionals throughout the world that are knowledgeable and able to administer the specific retraining therapy we need to help us re-establish our tolerances to sound.  Because hyperacusis is rare, it is frequently misdiagnosed and we are often subjected to hearing tests which only collapse our tolerances to sound even more.  Without the appropriate treatment and care one has little chance to improve.  Noone knows more about our condition than we do.  Many who find this network have been through an exhaustive search trying to find answers or even just the right name to describe this condition.  If you are one of these individuals, we are glad you found us and look forward to providing you the information you need to recover and return to the mainstream of life.  This website was created through the contributions of clinicians and patients from all over the world.  We have all joined together to establish this extensive source of information to help patients recover from hyperacusis and return to the mainstream of life.

The network accepts no advertising and all information is kept confidential.  Furthermore 100% of the donations contributed for the perpetuation of this network are used for maintaining this website and message board, production and distribution of printed materials, producing and distributing our pink noise CD, postage and office expenses.   No one receives a wage or salary and all services provided are voluntary.