The Hyperacusis Network is free and accepts no advertising. The network operates on a barely break even basis out of one person's home – Dan, the founder of the network. Regular mail, email, long distance phone calls, website management, message board hosting and all printed materials are handled by one person. All supplies available through the network are sold at or near cost. No wage is paid to anyone so 100% of donations goes to operating this network. Thankfully people who, with the help of this network, do find a qualified clinician, recover and go on with their lives. If most people would remember that and acknowledge how instrumental this network was in their quest to find hope and recovery by offering financial support then this request would not be necessary. If you are so inclined, donations to the network in any amount are greatly appreciated. Simply click on the Donate button below or mail a personal check to The Hyperacusis Network. 4417 Anapaula Lane, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54311. Thank you so much.

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